You can brighten the futures of limited-resource

children with your support for Bright Star Books,

providing children with books vital to helping them

succeed academically and in the work place.

This grassroots fundraising toolkit has everything you

will need to run a successful fundraiser in our community! 

And remember; we will use ALL the money you raise to put

books into the hands of the children who need them most!

Phase 1: Prepare your fundraiser

There are many ways to hold a successful fundraiser. 

Bright Star Books has gathered a number of

cool fundraiser ideas, with the hopes that you will

find one perfect for your needs. Check them out here.

Next, you will want to select a time frame. While any time is a great

time to raise funds for Bright Star Books, we have drawn up a list of

significant dates that could help you in your efforts. Check them out 

here. We suggest a two-week duration for most fundraisers.

If you would like to include a way for people to make online donations,

you can create online fundraisers on Facebook or GoFundMe.

Phase 2: Promote your fundraiser!

Once you know what kind of fundraiser you’d like to hold and

when you plan to hold it, the next step is letting people know

about it! Share your fundraiser in as many ways as you can

to reach more people and gather more participants!

 all your appropriate contacts and share your fundraiser. Ask them

(if they are willing) to share the fundraiser with their email contacts, too!

Social media: Share on FacebookTwitterInstagram, etc. Or, for the

personal approach, take a look at our phone conversation suggestions.

Promote your fundraiser by distributing a fundraiser flierposter, or pamphlet.Include

Bright Star Books' photos and logo to make your messages even more engaging!

Phase 3: Conduct your fundraiser

Whatever fundraiser you chose, it’s time to rock and roll! Please let

Bright Star Books know if we can help support your effort in any way.

Throughout your fundraiser, please record all donors’ names, contact information,

donation totals, and the dates of their donations (unless they ask to be anonymous).

Click here for a donor record template, and click here for a current year tax

donation receipt you can have available to your donors.

Phase 4: After your fundraisers ends…

Once you have concluded your fundraiser, please email Bright Star Books’ Program

Coordinator, Kait Laux, at to schedule a time to

make your donation, and to send her the donation information you recorded.

Next, please thank your donors! Click here for a template thank you note.

Finally, thank you so much for your efforts on behalf of Bright Star Books

and the 10,000+ children we serve! With your permission, Bright Star Books will

be recognizing your help on social media, in our newsletter, and more!

Grass Roots Fundraising Toolkit

Bright Star Books