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We founded Bright Star Books in 2014, after more than a decade of reading, researching, brainstorming and dreaming.  Both of us are book lovers from an early age, and always searching for ways to disrupt, question, and create small ripples of change in the status quo.  After becoming parents and witnessing our son become engrossed in reading, we began to more fully appreciate the importance access to books in the home can have on early cognitive development. The knowledge that other children do not share this privilege motivated us to action.  The idea to give books to young children was solidified one evening as we realized our three year old has access to more children’s books in his home than the entirety of some low-income neighborhoods, where high-quality books are often absent or inaccessible.  When we told our son that many other children do not have books to read at home, he immediately responded “Then we have to give them some!” This is what Bright Star Books works to do.  Please join us.  

​Christin & Keith Seher

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Bright Star Books embraces community participation and grassroots organizing to accomplish our mission and vision, and we rely upon a diverse group of stakeholders as collaborators:

Bright Star Books aims to compliment and collaborate with existing early childhood development and literacy organizations in the Greater Akron region to build a sustainable community network that brings books into the homes of limited-resource children and gives every family the chance to develop a lasting love of reading and learning. Utilizing the latest developmental research, and embracing a model where community participation, capacity building, and research are critical, we seek to identify and fill gaps in existing programs so that every child - regardless of race, ability, socioeconomic status or cultural capital - has the resources needed to grow up in an environment where developing a love for reading is possible.

The mission of Bright Star Books, Inc. is to promote a culture of reading by increasing access to and ownership of books for limited-resource children in the Greater Akron region.  We aim to do this at the earliest possible age to ensure children grow up habituated to the potential of books as sources of learning and joy.