Bright Star Books       

How You Can Help​

  1. Donate Books. Visit one of our Collection Constellation partners or Contact Us.

  2. Run a Used Book Drive  in your neighborhood, child's school, work place, place of worship or community group.

  3. ​Donate money to our cause.  With our purchasing power as a non-profit organization, even the smallest donation can go a long way. A $20 donation is enough to buy 5-7 books for one of our Bright Star Libraries! Consider joining one of our sponsor levels to help promote the work we do.Donating is easy!  To donate by check, click here to access the Bright Star Pledge Form or donate using your Paypal account.

    ​Please participate in our Crowdfunding campaign by visiting our You Caring page here:

  4. ​Shop Amazon Smile, when purchasing online at, so a portion of your purchase proceeds go directly to a charity of your choice.  At this time, Bright Star Books is not a partner with Amazon Smile (we are working on that!) but First Book, the national book bank we purchase from, is!

  5. Tell a friend about the work that Bright Star Books is doing by sharing our website on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

  6. READ to a child in your life!​