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Run a Reach for the Stars book drive

Now that you are aware of the need to get books into the hands and homes of young, limited-resource children, you may be left wondering what you can do to help. 

The answer?  A LOT!

In fact, there is one thing YOU can do RIGHT NOW that will help Bright Star Books get books into the homes of thousands of children in our area who need them – which, for some children, will be the first books they call their own.

Within your neighborhood, place of work, child’s school, place of worship, or any other type of community organization or group, there are many families that have children’s books that have been outgrown.  These books are sitting sad and lonely, unread, often in a box in the back of the basement – and they need YOUR HELP.  By running a used book drive, and getting them to Bright Star Books, you can help these children’s books fulfill their purpose.  YOU can be the crucial bridge between children who need books and books that need children!  (Aren’t you feeling empowered and passionate right now?!)

Just follow these simple steps to run a successful book drive. We’ve provided everything you need to get started:

Sign up! Once you have permission to run a book drive, send an email to because we want to know about it! Please include your name and contact information, the book drive location (e.g. name of school, neighborhood, etc.) and the dates it will take place. If you are holding your book drive at a school, check out this  list of ideas  to help make it a success!

Tell everybody you know! (Twice). Download our sample language to use for an introductory email to announce your book drive – or craft something on your own.  Make sure to announce your book drive about two weeks in advance to give people enough time to dig out those old boxes!  Also, don’t forget to celebrate the day your drive gets started with an opening email (see sample language), and remind people when there are about three days left to donate.

Get your potential donors informed.People are more likely to want to participate in your book drive if they have a clear idea of where their books will be going. Download our overview flyer to hand out or send as a .pdf attachment to let people know about the work Bright Star Books does, where book donations go, and for information on how getting books into the hands and homes of children early in life can truly make a difference. Also please let them know that an in-kind donation receipt for book donations is available here.

Designate a donation space.  Download and print a sign to use on the donation boxes, bags, or shelves you will be using to collect and store used books.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – a designated spot on the floor will do just fine!  But keep in mind (and we’ve learned this from experience), the bigger the box or bag, the harder it is to carry once it’s full of books!

Bring us books! (But first don’t forget to take lots of pictures of you and your hard-working community with what we’re sure will be piles and piles of books headed for their new homes!) Contact us to arrange for a drop off time and location by emailing

Give yourself a pat on the back! Or a big bear hug.  Or have a dance party.  Or post a selfie using the hashtag #IRock.  Whatever you do, celebrate your accomplishment – because, thanks to your efforts, there will be many kids who will be excited to share a book with a loved one or read something new in the near future!