Bright Star Books       

Co-founders Christin and Keith Seher formed BSB after an “Aha!” moment with their then 3-year-old son, Keaton. Reading at home, they mentioned how other children don’t have books at home like him. After a moment’s thought, he responded “Then we have to give them some!” BSB’s efforts began in 2014 building libraries in temporary housing situations; but 
within a few months, community members began bringing BSB their
used children’s books en masse. Realizing they had tapped into an
under-leveraged resource, the Sehers began building a pipeline to get these books to children who need them most. Five years in, Bright Star Books’ giving and community of supporters continue to expand, united by belief in the transformative power a book can have in the hands of a child.

William Needleman, Bright Star Books' Community Organizer, has experience

in Columbus's non-profit scene


c: (216) 225-9810

Kait Laux, Bright Star Books' Program Coordinator, has experience in both

education and the non-profit world

Keith Seher, a career civil servant,

is Bright Star Books' co-founder,

volunteer Executive Director



c: (614) 572-7536